Case Studies

VISI Key For Toolmaker Expansion – Volker Gehlen Werkzeugbau GmbH

Using the VISI suite of CAD/CAM applications from Vero Software significantly reduces the overall costs of each project for a German toolmaker, and makes it easier to implement innovative design ideas. Based in Velbert, Volker Gehlen Werkzeugbau GmbH have a 30… Per saperne di più »

Four VERO SOLUTIONS optimise Georges Pernoud IT system for Industry 4.0

Preparing for Industry 4.0 was so important to an injection mold manufacturer that they tasked CAD/CAM provider Vero Software with optimizing their I.T. system to cut the time taken on non-value-added CAD tasks by 35 per cent. “After using this… Per saperne di più »

ATLANTIC TOOL & DIE – Ohio USA – Manufacturing with a Progressive Edge

VISI assists Atlantic Tool & Die with the design of complex progressive dies for the automotive industry At Atlantic Tool & Die, the proof, and the success of the company, is in its processes. “One thing that we really hang… Per saperne di più »

VISI Flow Is Vital For Formaplex Mold Tool Integrity

VISI Flow Is Vital For Formaplex Mold Tool Integrity Specialist plastic flow analysis software performs a significant role for a leading UK tool and moldings manufacturer which successfully produces over 400 pre-proven tools each year…. and its costs were recovered… Per saperne di più »

VISI Flow: The Artful Science of Mold Simulation

Upstate Simulations masters the art and science of mold design with VISI Flow An ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure, but when the art and science of injection molding is at play, that pound of cure… Per saperne di più »

Visi at Onni-Stamp

VISI Plays a vital role in high profile research projects for Onni-Stamp

VISI plays a vital role at each stage, beginning with research. We work alongside our clients every day in product development and research projects. VISI is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading CAD/CAM software solutions. It offers a unique… Per saperne di più »

VISI “The Best For Toolmaking”

“I can now do everything in CAD without being concerned about the model source or data history.” Those are the words of a stamping and forming toolmaker, explaining what VISI software means to him. “That’s a huge advantage for me,… Per saperne di più »

VISI’s Design Role In Unique Head Injury Prosthesis

Doctors and engineers in the small Mexican state of Querétaro used VISI software to design a 3D printed titanium cranial prosthesis, for a patient who had been shot in the head. The wound destroyed the left portion of his skull,… Per saperne di più »

L’analisi dello stampaggio di penne di qualità

Prodir è un’azienda svizzera che produce dalla metà degli anni 70 strumenti di scrittura. I suoi 235 dipendenti sono divisi in tre stabilimenti, a Rivera, Lamone e Novazzano. Oltre agli uffici commerciali a Lamone, inoltre, Prodir è presente in Europa… Per saperne di più »

Un’azienda che analizza il presente e si evolve con intelligenza e scelte strategiche

La IMA Industria Meccanica di Arosio è una ditta di 170 dipendenti con sede ad Arosio. Nasce nel 1973 dalla fusione di due aziende meccaniche. Originariamente la sua produzione era dedicata a particolari meccanici per il settore tessile, l’azienda si… Per saperne di più »